4thCPPC2014 Recommendations

4thCPPC2014 Recommendations



On the 1-2 December 2014, the Caribbean Procurement Institute hosted the 4th Caribbean Public Procurement Conference (CPPC). Mr. Reggie Dumas chaired the conference and the theme of the conference was Redefining Governance: Empowerment and Collaboration as Engines of Change. The 4th CPPC 2014 featured over thirty (30) faculty from the UK, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean and there were over 150 professionals in attendance.  The goals of the conference were to build critical professional capacity in the function of procurement and to inspire bottom up approaches for public procurement reform in Trinidad and Tobago and within the Caribbean.  The following resolutions were taken:

  1. That the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Private Sector Civil Society (PSCS) Group undertake a comprehensive educational campaign aimed at (1) the citizens so that they understand how the new legislation impacts them (2) public servants so that they understand their roles, responsibilities and ambit of the new legislation (3) public sector suppliers so that they understand their rights and responsibilities under the new legislation.
  2. That the Government of Trinidad and Tobago provide an enabling environment for civil society to continue to be involved in the on-going public procurement reform effort.
  3. That public bodies support the new social governance initiative online Disclosure Today – Transparency on Demand (www.disclosure.today) and leverage said platform to responsibly and efficiently manage both proactive and responsive public disclosure obligations.
  4. That the role of Internal Auditors be considered in the on-going public procurement reform effort in Trinidad and Tobago.
  5. That the Caribbean Association of Procurement Professionals (CAPP) take steps to become a member of the PSCS Group  to ensure that the perspectives of procurement professionals are considered specifically in the drafting of the regulations to support the Public Procurement & Disposal of Property Act 2014 and in the on-going public procurement reform effort in Trinidad and Tobago.  Faculty and delegates made various specific recommendations for amendment of the new legislation and for inclusion in the regulations. These are being considered and refined by CAPP for consideration by the PSCS Group.
  6. That the CPPC and CAPP community explore avenues to collaborate with the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago to ensure inclusion of modules on civics, ethics and integrity in the primary school curriculum.
  7. That there be established a Caribbean Public Procurement Research Group to stimulate and engage in relevant research aimed at building capacity, knowledge sharing and consensus building throughout the region.


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