Becoming An Integrity Leader

Becoming An Integrity Leader

Choosing the path of integrity is hardly ever the path of least resistance. In fact, it is the path which most times leads to losses financially, professionally and socially.  That said however, making that choice serves to distinguish the professionals who are committed to creating the kind of just and equitable society of which we all desire to be a part from those who are content with settling for the status quo.

Though choosing integrity may seem the more difficult option, it is becoming a necessary choice given the rapid changes taking place in the modern business world, not the least of which includes an unprecedented movement for more accountable leadership.

There is no dispute that the function of procurement is one of the corporate functions most vulnerable to mismanagement, abuse and corruption.  As a result, professionals engaged in the function of procurement whether in the public or private sector are in the unenviable position of being gatekeepers of process integrity and efficiency.  Having regard to the increasing awareness of governance issues and heightened public scrutiny of procurement matters, it is no longer a feasible option for professionals to act the proverbial monkey seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no evil. When things go wrong, the first investigative port of call lies with the professionals engaged in the process.  Negligence or deliberately turning a blind eye to suspicious activities will not only be rewarded with loss of employment and public ridicule and odium but now can also result in criminal conviction, fines and jail time. It is therefore time for radical transformation to take place in the ethical culture in our public and private sector organisations.

We know that choosing integrity is not easy for professionals who may fear victimization and reprisal for speaking up and/or speaking out.  However, we are at a defining moment in our region’s history. Choosing integrity though not the easiest choice is the right choice and the only choice for professionals. For that reason, the Caribbean Procurement Institute is pleased to announce our new Integrity Leadership Programme wherein professionals will be supported and empowered to become change agents and Integrity Leaders in their organisations.  To Learn more about our Integrity Leadership Programme and how to apply to become an Integrity Leader please send an email to disinfectant have is I winners I ladies face the they this it your top these harsh enough clear. I appreciate.

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