Public Sector Procurement Lab: Sustainability, Transparency & Impact

Public Sector Procurement Lab: Sustainability, Transparency & Impact

Introducing The Public Sector Procurement Lab

Three in One: Sustainability, Transparency and Impact

Helping You To Do More With Less …

As concerns about the economy and the recession continue public decision-makers are faced with the inevitability of tightening budgets and more cuts to public spending. Often overlooked is the potential of existing public procurement budgets to improve the bottom-line directly with every dollar saved and to improve value for money on each procurement exercise. During this Public Sector Procurement Lab we will be tackling three targeted  issues in public procurement which can quickly provide improved outcomes within an accountable framework.  Three Procurement Learning Labs will be held.

What is a Procurement Learning Lab?

Is it just a new, trendy name for a seminar or workshop? No. 

Procurement Learning Lab is an unique capacity building intervention on complex procurement issues designed specifically for professionals and senior executives.  With both, Pre and Post-Lab engagement and follow up, the Learning Labs present a singular opportunity to transform targeted aspects of an organisation’s procurement function. If you are a senior decision-maker in a public sector company, a procurement, legal or construction professional engaging in or advising on public procurement, public infrastructure contracts, commissioning, leasing and disposal these labs have been specially designed to support you taking action to implement sustainable procurement, in a fair and accountable manner and to set appropriate key metrics to measure economic, social and environmental impact.

We introduce our first three Labs :

Sustainable Procurement Lab : Thursday 14th December, 2017 

One of the most groundbreaking features of the new procurement legislation (Public Procurement & Disposal of Property Act No. 1 of 2015 TT) is the statutory enactment of ‘sustainable procurement’ and ‘sustainable development’ as a primary objective of every procurement exercise (s.5). With the worldwide adoption of the new 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and with Sustainable Procurement expressly articulated in Goal 12.7, the way in which procurement has been implemented has changed forever.  This Learning Lab is based on the 2017 International Standard (ISO 20400) and will assist professionals and organisations in integrating sustainability considerations throughout the procurement process. Professionals will learn :

  • What Sustainable Procurement Is? (Including an introduction to Social Value and Circular Procurement).
  • What sustainability impacts and considerations are across the different aspects of procurement activity: policy, strategy, organisation, process?
  • How to implement sustainable procurement practically, based on your organisation’s procurement categories?
  • How to benchmark your procurement process against the Sustainable Procurement Standard ISO20400?

Procurement Impact Measurement Lab : Friday 15th December, 2017

There is a saying: “What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed.” The Public Procurement & Disposal of Property Act No. 1 of 2015 places a renewed emphasis on the outcomes of procurement that must be achieved. Value for money is now statutorily defined and therefore a key consideration  which must be considered by both the Public Authority as well as the public supplier. The PP&DPA places the Accounting Officer, Chief Executive Officer or person in an equivalent position as accountable for the performance of the procurement function of the procuring entity. This Learning Lab will help public sector professionals and public sector suppliers to gain a better understanding of the new ‘value for money’ considerations, establish key metrics for measurement and enhance monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.  Professionals will learn:

  • What are the new measurement criteria for value for money under the PP&DPA?
  • How Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) frameworks and metrics can improve value for money in procurement?
  • How to discharge their oversight responsibilities and strengthen that oversight where appropriate?
  • How to implement strategies to curtail waste and abuse?

Procurement Governance & Transparency Lab : Friday 15th December, 2017

New reporting obligations to a Regulator and to the public now form part of the new public procurement legislative requirements (Public Procurement & Disposal of Property Act No. 1 of 2015 TT) and place increasing pressure on public bodies.  This, in addition to the interplay of Freedom of Information Rights (Freedom of Information Act 26 of 1999 as amended), and confidentiality criteria in the PP&DPA (s.39) makes navigating transparency obligations in public procurement information a complicated and potentially litigious area.  This Learning Lab is designed to arm legal and procurement advisers and suppliers in public procurement with the tools to manage the delicate balance between the public’s right to know and the purchaser’s duty to disclose and protect procurement information. Professionals will learn:

  • What are the disclosure, reporting and confidentiality obligations in respect of public procurement information?
  • How proactively to establish a protocol for managing disclosure, reporting and confidentiality obligations throughout the procurement cycle?
  • How specifically to address different types of information eg reasons for procurement and choice of procurement process, specification development, supplier bids and communications, evaluation criteria and results, contract terms, tender committee minutes, board minutes etc?

Each Learning Lab is equivalent to 8 hours (Self-Assessed CPD) and participants will receive Certificates of Participation.

Learn how your organisation can participate and also benefit from a three (3) month Implementation Plan & Virtual Support.

If you are a senior executive or board member of State Owned Enterprise we encourage you to take responsibility and become an effective guardian of the public interest by learning how you can make your procurement budgets accomplish more with less within an accountable framework. Our facilitators and experts are versed in the traditional and the new regulatory and compliance criteria under the Public Procurement & Disposal of Property Act No.1 of 2015 (as amended). We are here to support you. Give us a call now to learn how we can create a bespoke programme for your organisation.

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The Public Sector Procurement Lab: Sustainability, Transparency and Impact

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