Purpose, People, Planet, Profit – Business as a Force For Good

“Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want” Anna Lappe.  

World-with-hands-beneath_SOCIAL-IMPACT-compressedAs a 21st Century business, we believe that the time has come for global social and economic transformation in a manner, which reflects the values of cooperation, complementarity, accountable leadership, respect for fundamental human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law. Whilst we promote entrepreneurialism as a powerful force for human development and as fundamental to the individual’s right to create and capture value within our society, we firmly believe that this right is subject to the social good which respects the fundamental human rights of current and future generations and the environment. Leveraging procurement spend to maximize social impact distinguishes 21st Century businesses as leaders and game changers seeking to arrest some of the more pressing social and economic injustices of our time, including poverty, mortality from preventable afflictions, climate change and slavery. To this end our Social Impact Programmes (SIPs) focus on empowering responsible leadership, businesses, NGOs and civil society initiatives geared toward maximizing social value from their operations.

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Our membership in the LEXspire Conscious Business Network also reinforces our commitment in our own operations to pursue social good with People, Planet and Purpose as our primary drivers for being in business and in the development and delivery of every product and service we offer.

Responsible Supply Xchange

Ethical Sourcing1

Unique Caribbean platform for buyers and sellers serious about implementing an Ethical Sourcing Programme which optimizes Supply Chain Value

Social Entrepreneurship

We help businesses and NGOs pursue the 4P bottomline of Purpose, People, Planet & Profit

Integrity Leadership Programme

Restoring Public Trust in Public Officials and Corporate Leadership

Social Finance

We design and monitor innovative funding mechanisms for the procurement of public social services

Social Impact Evaluations

We help businesses and NGOs measure the social impact of development projects and interventions

LEXspire Conscious Business Network

Caribbean Procurement Institute is a member of the LEXspire Conscious Business Network