The Disclosure Toolkit™

The Disclosure Toolkit™

We are excited to share with you our first offering The Disclosure Toolkit™ in our Procurement Law Toolkit – Law At Your Fingertips Series™ to be held on Friday 16th May 2014, Hyatt Regency, Trinidad.  One of the things that we found in training lawyers and professional advisers in the area of procurement law is that even after expanding our two day offerings to five day offerings, in an effort to get everything packed into this crunched period of time, some of the more challenging areas in procurement law could be addressed in presentations of just 45 minutes to 1 hour.  This resulted in many follow up requests for assistance and support from us, which we are happy to provide, but which we recognise cause costly delays in important decision making processes.

For this reason, we have singled out some of the most challenging areas in procurement law and designed comprehensive interventions in areas such as disclosure, governance, whistle blowing, remedies, RFP management, communications and dispute resolution.  These one day sessions are practical and intensive with focus on only one topic thereby allowing professionals to be immersed in the subject area and have all of their questions answered. In addition, professionals leave with take-away Toolkits (in digital and hardcopy format) containing guides, templates, sample clauses and references to important cases to support busy professionals and empower you with the law at your fingertips.   An exciting feature of the takeaway Toolkit includes our unique Quote This! sections in which we provide professionals with the most recent and authoritative case law to justify specific actions and decisions in the procurement process. The Procurement Law Toolkit – Law At Your Fingertip Series™ is published by the Caribbean Procurement Institute. The Toolkits are designed to provide a concise, accurate, desktop reference for busy professionals seeking to know what to do in the midst of high impact projects with tight schedules and limited time. With highly specialized focus on some of the most challenging legal issues in public sector procurement management, these exceptionally practical reference books with comparative law references from the EU and Commonwealth distill legal concepts in a real-world context. The Toolkits allow professionals to manage the more complex issues in procurement law proactively and with integrity. The Procurement Law Toolkit is not a legal treatise but a concise, practical, desktop reference for professional advisers in the procurement process.  The Disclosure Toolkit™ Step-by-Step Guide for Discharging the Disclosure Duty in Public Procurement


This one-day intensive is designed to clarify the obligations of public sector purchasers and the rights of suppliers to material information during the public sector bidding process.  What to disclose and when to make disclosures are key questions, which if not addressed properly can serve to derail your procurement process and project.  Suppliers are becoming more savvy and the mandate of transparency in public sector spending is reversing old commercial confidentiality norms.  As an adviser it is incumbent upon you to be able to provide the correct advice to your client or employer at the right time in order to reduce the potential for costly suits and project delays.

This highly focused and practical offering, arms legal and procurement advisers and suppliers with the tools to manage the delicate balance between the suppliers right to know and the purchasers duty to protect.


  • Understand when and in what circumstances a public sector agency must comply with an application for disclosure of procurement information
  • Understand new disclosure duties arising during commercial negotiations across the Commonwealth
  • Gain an introduction to the law of fraudulent silence
  • Learn how and why to distinguish ‘Contract A’ Disclosure Duties from other Common Law Duties of Disclosure
  • Understand how to use Freedom of Information legislation as a shield and a sword during the procurement process
  • Develop an iron clad strategy for dealing with statutory and common law disclosure duties
  • Learn how to mitigate risks of late or non-disclosure of material information
  • Understand the parameters within which bidders’ commercial information will be protected
  • Understand how the courts view express contractual terms which seek to exclude the duty of disclosure
  • Specific Guidance for suppliers on bidders’ rights to disclosure before, during and after a procurement exercise
  • Harness existing Caribbean case law on commercial disclosure in the public procurement process
  • Disclosure Toolkit – Step by Step Guide for Dealing with Disclosure Duties and Disclosure Applications in Public Procurement Processes

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Hyatt Regency Trinidad

1 Wrightson Rd
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago

Date:  Friday, May 16, 2014 – 9:00am to 5:00pm

Latitude: 10.6546
Longitude: -61.5178

Margaret Rose
Status: Upcoming
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