Public Procurement Innovation & Leadership Frameworks for Transformational Leadership

The Caribbean Procurement Institute in association with ADR International, a leading global procurement consultancy firm and the Procurement Innovation & Leadership Lab (UK)  presents a one-time cannot-miss procurement and leadership capacity building event;

Public Procurement Innovation & Leadership 

Frameworks for Transformational Leadership

POWER UP! – Beyond Efficiency & Compliance to Innovation & Impact

December 2-3
9:00 am – 5:00 pm,
Hyatt Regency, Trinidad


With an unprecedented spotlight being placed on public sector decision-making, and a more intelligent and demanding citizenry, the need for enlightened and transformational leadership and the fostering of open, collaborative and effective dialogue with citizens on public contracting issues has never been more pressing.

Blunders in the boardroom and at top-management level are no longer going unnoticed andrecent legal actions against state board members also highlight the need for increased vigilance and rigour in the course of carrying out fiduciary duties.   

Moreover, with shrinking budgets, falling commodity prices and an increasingly challenging global economic environment, governments and public sector leaders around the world are under pressure to build critical capacity to

  • Innovate and find ways to do more with less,
  • Stimulate local entrepreneurship and small and growing businesses,
  • Create shared value across multiple stakeholders and
  • Harness and amplify the power of the public purchasing function to achieve greater social impact.  

This intervention has been specifically designed to arm local public sector leaders and senior management with the most tested and practical frameworks and tools for proactive and transformational public sector leadership.

Covering the two main themes of Procurement Innovation and Leadership Development, and with the use of select Business Case Studies and latest research in positive psychology for building organisational culture facilitated by local and international thought leaders, this seminar provides public sector leaders with globally tested pragmatic frameworks for immediate application and will help public organisations identify professional and institutional strengths, opportunities and areas for capacity support. 


  • Trusted Leadership – you will learn how to inspire cooperation and respect and rebuild organisational trust
  • Save Public Money – you will learn how to harness and amplify your purchasing power to produce more savings
  • Increase Impact – you will learn how to identify and maximize opportunities for social impact through your public procurement function
  • Build Human Resource – you will learn how to identify capacity weaknesses and implement effective capacity building support in the areas of strategic procurement & leadership
  • Manage Effective Teams – you will learn critical team building skills for organisational transformation
  • Compliance & Audit – you will learn how to establish proactive frameworks to identify, avoid and manage integrity and reputational risks
  • Get Prepared – you will learn about the most important changes under the new PP&DP Act 2015
  • Unleash Leveraged Purchasing Power in 12 Months – Organisations registering more than five (5) will receive an additional private one hour session with CPI-ADR & PILL experts and access to a tailored 12 month Procurement Innovation Plan



Procurement Innovation

  • The Procurement Paradigm Shift – Harnessing the public procurement function to increase savings stimulate innovation and demonstrate social impact
  • Three (3) Key Changes in the new PP&DPA 2015 which every board should start preparing for right now
  • New Mandatory Obligations, Liabilities and Offences under the PP&DPA 2015 – A Legal SWOT Analysis
  • Sustainable Procurement & Impact Purchasing
  • Breaking the Corruption Cycle through Professionalized Procurement – Assessing Your Organizations Strategic Procurement Capacity
  •  Best Practice Management of Unsolicited Proposals (USPs) in Public Procurement
  • Bullet-Proofing the Boardroom – Proactive Steps for Rooting out Institutional Fraud & Malfeasance, Conducting Procurement Fraud Audits
  • Using the Power of Portfolio Risk Analysis to Drive Efficiency & Impact

Leadership Development

  • Assessing and Maximizing Boardroom potential
  • The Principles for Building an Intelligent Organisation
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Governance
  • The Paradigm Shift in Public Administration – From top down to more collaborative models for creation of shared value
  • Pragmatic Guidance for Rebuilding Trust & Confidence
  • The Art of Effective Meetings – Conversations for Action
  • Building Flourishing Organisations – Pragmatic Guidance for public sector leaders
  • Bullet-proofing the Boardroom – Crisis & Reputation Risk Management – Six Key Strategies for Proactive Crisis Management
  • Open Government Responsibilities – Managing Freedom of Information Compliance and Confidentiality norms in Public Contracting
  • Successful Case Studies in Public Sector Innovation: The Government vs Business Myth


  • Public Policy and Decision-makers
  • Permanent Secretaries & Directors on Public Sector Boards
  • Senior Public Management Officials
  • Senior Public Management Officials

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