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What We Do

Core Business Services Overview



Review, benchmarking and redesign of procurement, anti-fraud, ethics, risk and supply chain management policies to support more strategic sourcing within an accountable framework. We provide targeted interventions with snap reviews of specific policies or a complete organizational review with implementation and transition support.



Regular audits of control systems and processes underpin proactive and effective management of procurement and disbursement risk. Companies can benefit from implementing both the Policy Check and Procurement Fraud Audit in order to assess governance and systemic weaknesses to drive policy and institutional strengthening activities. Spot audits of particular projects can also be undertaken where red flags have been raised.



Our innovative and proactive R-BDR system empowers clients to quickly and cost effectively resolve disputes during the course of the bidding process up to and after the execution of the contract execution. R-BDR is specifically designed to meet the commercial realities of procurement disputes with the ultimate objective of project continuity while treating fairly, efficiently and transparently with bidders challenges.

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We provide a full suite of Supplier Enablement and Relationship Management solutions aimed at maximizing value through the procurement function. Through our SRM SAP compliant technological platform we help organizations improve sourcing strategies, reduce cycle times and processing costs. Complemented by our e-Procurement, contract management, spend analyses and Market Insight services buyers and vendors benefit from best in class enterprise solutions.



As organizations struggle to contain procurement budgets and improve the bottom line, suppliers and consultants must come to the table with their ‘A’ game. Our unique Pay For Success (PFS) Contracting model re-allocates risk by leveraging an organizations’ purchasing power to produce a more value-driven outcome for all parties



For large infrastructure, complex and/or high profile projects attracting heightened public scrutiny we provide an independent fairness advisory service for public purchasers. This proactive legal prevention measure mitigates costly project disruption and reputation risks and empowers public purchasers from the outset and throughout the duration of the projects to have the compliance, fairness and integrity in the process independently benchmarked and monitored.

About CAPP

In March 2008, CPI in partnership with the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) sponsored the establishment of the non profit Caribbean Association of Procurement Professionals (CAPP) to facilitate the continuous development and distribution of procurement knowledge in order to elevate and advance the procurement profession in the region. The association continues to grow with over 200 members from throughout the Caribbean. CPI and CAPP have as primary objectives the promotion of high standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity among all those engaged in the function of procurement, increasing the appreciation of the value of procurement good practice by raising the profile of procurement professionals, encouraging learning, knowledge sharing and regional consensus building, establishing and implementing training and certification standards and requirements for the procurement profession and promoting culturally relevant reform in procurement regimes consistent with established best practice.

Main Services

Professional DEVELOPMENT

Based on a more strategic appreciation of the function of procurement beyond the transactional or bidding phase our programmes are specifically designed to meet the needs of all professionals engaged across the entire procurement cycle including, procurement, supply and logistics officers, lawyers, accountants, auditors, construction, project management and risk professionals. To learn how to jumpstart your procurement career.

Strategic SOURCING

Recognizing the procurement function as a lever for economic, social and environmental impact, with our innovative implemented consultancy solutions, we help you to transform your current sourcing systems and strategies from price- driven transactional models to more collaborative and sustainable ones aimed at improving bottom line and best value for your organisation, clients and stakeholders.


Our online portal to the latest news, research and developments in the fields of Governance, Anti-Corruption, Procurement & Social Responsibility (GAPS) with a particular emphasis on CARICOM Member states. This is also your portal to our eLearning Campus our Ask an Expert Service for procurement professionals and our premier expert circle, the C-GAPS Community. Please REGISTER or LOGIN to access the GAPS Portal.


Building trust and managing corporate integrity risk are arguably the most critical components in corporate brand and reputation protection. Given the vulnerability of the procurement function to fraud, abuse and other integrity breaches, sophisticated systems designed specifically to treat with your organisations procurement risk areas are paramount.


  • Caribean Association of Procurement Professionals (CAPP)
  • Caribbean Public Procurement Conference (CPPC)
  • Executive Certificate Programmes
  • Public Sector Procurement Professional (PSPP)
  • Customized Training
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Sourcing Services

  • Supplier Enablement & Relationship Management
  • eProcurement
  • Group Buying
  • PFS Contracting
  • Policy Check
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Spend Analyses
  • Market Insights

Portal Access

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  • Anti-Corruption Library
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  • Social Responsibility Library
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Integrity Management

  • Governance Library
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  • Procurement Library
  • Social Responsibility Library
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  • C-GAPS Expert Circle